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LinkUp Rail Pail 

The LinkUp Rail Pail Sanitation System is a completely self-contained toilet that is primarily designed for use on board railroad rolling stock; such as locomotives, work cars, etc.  The unit is designed to be extremely rugged and able to withstand the everyday abuses seen in industrial and commercial service.  The toilet contains a manually operated flush pump to dispose of waste deposits filtered by an internal screening system. The flushing of the toilet provides a high pressure flush where fluid swirls around the bowl several times before exiting the bottom of the bowl. This method of flushing provides a fast effective and efficient cleaning action.  When the tank becomes full of collected wastes, the toilet is serviced by opening the bottom drain valve allowing the waste contents to drain into an appropriate sewer collection device or other authorized dump site.  The Rail Pail requires no external power source and contains no motors to or complex mechanisms to fail or become clogged.